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Scrum Master certification comparison. Which should I choose? http://unairoldan.com/scrum-master-certification-comparison/ http://unairoldan.com/scrum-master-certification-comparison/#comments Wed, 14 Sep 2016 01:42:38 +0000 http://unairoldan.com/?p=179 Since I started working with Agile some years ago, there are tons of doubts that people ask me in my work with different clients, in community meetings or at my day to day, but there is a question that lately many people repeat me, and that seems like its more difficult every day for not […]

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Agile Retrospective (with Retromat) http://unairoldan.com/agile-retrospective/ http://unairoldan.com/agile-retrospective/#respond Mon, 29 Aug 2016 01:05:34 +0000 http://unairoldan.com/?p=74 During the agile retrospective, also known as retro, the team reflects on what happened in the iteration and identify actions to focus on the continuous improvement. In those meetings, identified as one of the ceremonies of Scrum framework, and timeboxed to three hours or less, the team reflects about the daily work of the team […]

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Hello World(); http://unairoldan.com/hello-world/ http://unairoldan.com/hello-world/#respond Wed, 24 Aug 2016 03:13:28 +0000 http://unairoldan.com/?p=1 The post Hello World(); appeared first on UnaiRoldan.com.

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